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    Branded templates
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    Licentie duur
    15% discount at 24 months
    12 months
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    Branded templates
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    With Smart Content Creator you can create marketing materials and content for social, web and print. From abri to social media post, from POS materials to creative content for websites. We import the Adobe Indesign documents from your advertising agency or designer and convert them into branded templates. You can then create unlimited new content that matches your corporate identity. The export files are of high quality and can be used for professional use. Both for online use and for the production of print (Certified PDF).

    Smart Content Creator has been developed to create professional content and marketing materials that meet your corporate identity. The export files are of high quality and can be used for professional use. For both online and print. Smart Content Creator is very suitable for working in a team. You can easily collaborate in projects and create campaigns. For approval you use the review module. The integrated DAM system allows you to organise your entire image collection quickly and efficiently. Canva is great for easy use, but if you want to create professional content that meets your high quality requirements and your corporate identity, then Smart Content Creator is a better solution.

    If you are used to working with advertising agencies or designers to create your marketing materials, you will experience their added value when developing concepts and campaigns. However, in the further development and production of content, you will also experience disadvantages. They are expensive and slow and that slows you down. With Smart Content Creator we solve this problem for you, because after developing the campaign, we import the files from your agency and convert them to Branded Templates. After this, you can easily, quickly and cheaply develop new materials in Smart Content Creator.

    To create marketing materials and content with Smart Content Creator, you don't need to be a designer with specific technical knowledge. We have made the creation of professional marketing content and advertising materials accessible to everyone. Our editor in which you create the expressions is based on the principle "what you see is what you get". You never start with a blank sheet, but from a template that incorporates a complete design. In this template you can modify texts, images and colours. You can determine for each template what can and cannot be changed. In this way, you and your colleagues can create plenty of content without creating anything that does not comply with the house style.

    Work together and use the review module to give each other feedback and approval. You do not need to follow a course or training. After a short explanation, you can start working with Smart Content Creator immediately.

    To give you the best "value for money" there are several licenses. From single-packers to corporates, we always have a suitable solution for you. There is no doubt that Smart Content Creator will save you a lot of time and money. Waiting days or hours is also no longer necessary. Everything you make is ready in a few minutes. That gives you whole new possibilities. Because with less budget, you can now create far more content than ever before. You are always up to date and can respond directly to the market.

    When you work in a team and several people create content, our technique ensures that you keep a grip on the quality of the content and that it meets your corporate identity. We do this on the basis of the following three principles:

    1: The templates can be set by an administrator at any time. Determine what can and cannot be adjusted, which images and colours are available per template. In this way, you keep a grip on the content creation and your corporate identity.

    2: The positions of the elements in the template are fixed. You can change the content, but not the layout.

    3: New expressions can be assessed and approved using the review module. You can set a fixed reviewer per template or determine this at project level. For projects that require approval, an export can only be made after approval.

    Yes, it is. Smart Content Creator is a cloud solution and therefore available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is internet and a computer.

    Yes, but not for creating new expressions. The screen of your mobile is not big enough for that. However, you do have access to a dashboard where you can see the status of projects and download or forward exports.

    No, that is no problem at all. We will provide you with an instruction that you can give at your desk. We also do an entry check on the files. If they meet the requirements, we will import the files and convert them to branded templates.

    No, don't worry. We deliver a fully equipped system. We agree with you beforehand what you think is important and who should have access. Upon delivery, Smart Content Creator is immediately ready for use. With a simple instruction of approximately one and a half hours, you and your team can already get to work. If you have any questions after this, we are available to help you during office hours (09.00 to 17.00 hours).

    No, that is not necessary. Smart Content Creator is a cloud solution. With a good internet connection and computer you can get started. Your files are automatically and securely backed up. In addition, we use servers in Dutch data centres and you can assume that your data is safely stored.

    We currently do not offer a trial version of Smart Content Creator. We will gladly refund your purchase within 60 days if you find it does not meet your needs.


    10 minutes at work with new templates
    Most user-friendly online layout tool
    Decide what is editable and what is not
    Templates always comply with corporate identity and quality standards
    Datasource merge export, hundreds of expressions ready in a few minutes
    High-quality output for social, web, print
    24/7 use & significantly faster TimeToMarket
    Cheaper and faster

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