Get to grips with your campaigns and marketing materials with one tool. 70% cheaper and 90% faster.

User-friendly editor

Creating quality content and communication materials without technical knowledge or training..

  • Simply create new content and advertising materials without the intervention of designers, dtp presses and studios
  • Pick your template and customize image, text and colours
  • All output is ready immediately (jpg, png, pdf, certified pdf)
  • No software installation required, SCC works in the cloud
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Smart templates

Import your Adobe Indesign documents. These will automatically be converted into easy-toedit templates.

  • Determine easily and at any time for each template what is editable and what is not
  • Templates are not bound to formats. You can use Smart Content Creator to create whatever you want, from social media post to billboard
  • You don't have your own Adobe Indesign files? Then choose one of our template packages and create your own new content and advertising materials in your own house style
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DAM system

Store, organise and share images in a central, fast and secure way.

  • Upload your image bank, tag images and create collections
  • Organise your images quickly and easily so that there is and remains structure and overview
  • Add image rights and manage copyright agreements
  • Clear and fast filtering, do not lose any more images and always find what you are looking for
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House style monitoring and reviewing

Content always complies with corporate identity and quality standards. Have your creation assessed and approved by your colleagues.

  • All output meets your house style standard and high quality requirements
  • Review the work of colleagues and ask for approval to ensure quality
  • Files are ready for use and can be used directly or delivered to the printer
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The overview cockpit with which you can follow at a glance what the status of a project is and where you need to take action.

  • You can see at a glance what needs to be done
  • Work together with colleagues on campaigns and follow every step as a team
  • Never miss another deadline
  • Quick access to all components within Smart Content Creator
  • Also mobile access for quick overview
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