The smart cloud solution for creating advertising content

As a marketer, you have the world at your feet these days. Whatever you want to make — online, offline, digital or print — is possible. But the question is: how do you maintain control over all your media resources? And how do you make sure you don't become dependent on various expensive advertising agencies, studios or designers? You can easily do that with the Smart Content Creator. It allows you to create your own creative content and advertising materials — for web, social and print. All exports match your house style and are ready in no time. With the integrated DAM system, your images are organized in a jiffy and you are in control of your entire image collection, royalties and image rights. So you can get mountains of work done, without having to actually do mountains of work.

70% cheaper, 90% faster

Create new creative content in just a few clicks. Save time and get more out of your budget than ever before.

Maintain your house style

Determine what is customizable in your templates and control all content creation. So you will always get perfectly prepared expressions in your own corporate identity.

The 24/7 DTP studio

The Smart Content Creator is a cloud service and therefore available anywhere, anytime. From now on, you are no longer dependent on anyone!


How does it work?

It's very simple. We import your designs and corporate-identity materials from Adobe InDesign into the Smart Content Creator and convert them into Smart Templates in no time. You decide which parts of the templates are fixed and what needs to be customizable. Allowing you to monitor your corporate identity when creating new materials and ensuring unity across all your communications.

One click, a big lead 

We don't have a long and complex implementation process like some other systems. And no complicated or tedious software to install. We set up an account for you in the cloud and make sure you get off to a flying start. After a short tutorial, your entire team can get straight to work. Wherever they are. Because with our smart cloud solution, the Smart Content Creator, you can work wherever you want.

Smart for everyone 

No graphical or technical knowledge is required to work with the Smart Content Creator. With our what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor you can create high-quality content that fits perfectly within your corporate identity without needing the skills of a designer. Choose a template, replace text, images and colors. And you're ready in minutes. The Smart Content Creator delivers high-quality output, ready for use immediately. For web, social and print. And the certified PDFs can be sent to the printer in no time. How smart do you want it?

Optimal teamwork

In our clearly laid-out dashboard, you and your colleagues can follow the progress on each project. Create campaigns and projects, work together, and ask others to assess your creation. That’s how you’ll work together smoothly to make the most beautiful work.

Does 70% cost and 90% time savings sound good to you?